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Creating a sales page that converts at 10% takes more than a pretty design…uncover the secrets here!

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Hi, I'm roberta

Ah, if I had just a dollar for every time someone asks me about my sales page!

Well, now you don’t have to ask anymore…Im dishing on all the secrets (small and big) that make the Launch Plan in a Day sales page perform at 10% conversion consistently (that is like REALLY amazing!)

but first…here is the sales page I’m talking about

[insert mockup of sales page video]

Now let’s get to the ‘juicy’ part…what you will need to write a sales page like this

The Most Important Step

(I’m sure you’ll wanna skip)

Write great content!

While you might be tempted to just grab a sales page template and start plugging in the content, sales pages serve as your ‘sales person’ in the digital world and deserve a ton more attention and thought than we like to admit.

I start every sales, landing, opt-in page by going through the process in Sales Page in A Day [Add Affiliate Link over course name] from Amanda Genther!

[Add Sales Page in a Day mockup]

Do This Next!

Grab a sales page template that is the closest to your brand aesthetic or the branding for your course.

My secret to design those outrageously good pages is the Tonic Site Shop [add my affiliate link]. There is still a good amount of design and customization needed but with the right foundation, you can get to the details a lit faster.

For Launch Plan in a Day we used the ‘Margarita’ Template and for this site we used the ‘Manhattan’.

You can purchase any template with 10% off using my code ‘ROBERTASENTME’ at checkout. There is also an extra bonus waiting for you if you buy through my link – check out the details here [link to the bonus redemption page]

[Insert Page before and after for the margarita template and LP1D sales page]

Pro-Tip: Ask for feedback on your copy and design multiple times and from as many people as you can! The info there needs to convey the right message and it is easy for us to skip info that seems obvious to us!

Add More Value With This Cart Processor

It is great to have a sales page that sells but you might wanna add more offers to your original one and Thrivecart is what I use and recommend.

Grab Thrivecart Lifetime Deal with this link and I’ll send you my own SLO cart template to swipe!

Now for the Bells and Whistles…

Widgets are powerful tools that help your audience connect with you and your course (or whatever you are selling) better!

Here are the widgets I recommend:

[Insert Link to Warm Welcome]

[Insert Link to Nudgify]

Make It Picture Perfect

When people say that the design doesn’t matter, my blog boils! It is not all, but it certainly helps develop trust in you and your product.

[Insert Link to the Template Tribe Membership]

[Insert Link to Social Squares]

Is It Legit?

[Link to Legal Templates]

Need More Options?

List all similar offers so people can buy for their own tech stack.

Want all of it? Download the quick links sheet and get a special bonus from me!

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